Physical Forensic :

Our organization provide some important services in the field of forensic

Document Forensic

Fingerprint Forensic

Crime Scene management

Private Investigation

Accidental Investigation

Photography& Videography Forensic

Document Forensic: we have a scientific approach in Document Forensic we investigate, compare and Authenticate suspected documents. Document forensics is to deal with paper-related issues. It correlates the factor of suspected paper Documents. The word suspected document means any document which is not authentic or counterfeits duplicate or try to district with sense to get illegal various beneficiary or illegal claim We maintain and investigate the authenticity of a document and proceeding the value of documents such as legal evidence in the favor of law enforcement agency or honorable court.

Fingerprint Forensic: Fingerprint is the most important and powerful evidence which is picked from the crime scene. A fingerprint is the strongest evidence against a criminal. We take the fingerprint sample from the crime scene and isolate and analysis through hi-tech media software and create the perfect data which is helpful to reach up to criminals. We have technical and scientific conductance in the Fingerprint in an investigation and the process is lifting the fingerprint from any crime scene and analyze and make it an authentic report from a given sample. The reported marked fingerprint report is sent to court or law enforcement agency or police.

Crime Scene Management: when any crime has happened the main thing is to prevent the crime scene from foreign contact. Our team reaches on the crime scene and prevent the crime scene and preserve the evidence the main possibility of evidence may be nail fingerprint foot mark semen blood bloodstain hair fibber fabric etc. Our team reach up and try to prevent crime scene our tie-up law enforcement origination conduct crime scene and they collect evidence. We also prevent the crime scene and collect the evidence from the crime scene and send it to the next responding authority. Our team is completely able to prevent crime scenes and handle each type of unfavorable condition like a bomb blast, mine attack, bank dacoity and other serious incidents.

Accidental Investigation: Accidental Investigation is a term of seeking evidence and also try to consider the cause behind the incident. An accidental investigation is helpful for the investigation agency and law enforcement organization. We also investigate the Accidental zones and investigate the cause of the accident as collect the evidence, traces and ensure the reason behind of accident and correlate the hypothetical way behind accidents. Accidents may happen at any time anywhere. An accident may be any type of like explosion Railway accident aircraft accident road accident driving self firing of arm etc.

We have a strong backup to control the situation and investigate the Accidental point scientifically with the legal and lawful permission.

Scientific photography & videography: Scientific photography and videography are very helpful in the collection of evidence and cause of the challenge. Photography and videography are considering strong evidence in courtroom and law enforcement agencies and police. We have the best scientific photographer and videographer team to handle criminal photography the need for photography and videography in the autopsy crime scene of murder rape theft and other crime as evidence demand from the courtroom. We ensuring the crime scene photography and videography with scientific angles collect the informational imaging data from the crime scene and proceed to the next authorized department. Photography and videography are absolutely accurate from each angle.

Crime scene reconstruction: when any heinous crime casual in Anyplace and the evidence and witnesses are not presented on the sight or much more evidence presents on the site which makes confusion in collecting evidence the seeking of evidence is difficult. Hence any critical crime scene is getting through any source and the responded reason is not be sure we take ‘reconstruction of crime sense for better response. We go to the crossover of evidence and try to reconstruct the crime scene for better response and coincident for police and other agencies.

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 We are rapidly in the try to set up some new facilities in our organization team.

 Private investigation: we are in the trials and constantly try to establish a private investigation firm for better public convenience. The private investigative team will investigate case privately and confidentially for collecting the better evidence and witness in the favour of Clint or court advocates and police force

We will come soon with a private investigation team.