Hard Drive Destruction

Escort Cyber Forensics is a Digital media and hard drive Destruction Services for the protection of sensitive digital data. Protect your business from lost or stolen data with a total information eradication service from Data Destruction Corporation. Paper records, medical records, work laptops and computers, cell phones – your company is storing sensitive information and you need to minimize your exposure to a data security breach. We work with businesses and corporations that need Corporate Data Destruction.

Old computers and servers with hard drives are potential legal and financial liabilities for every business. ID theft, tax fraud, and other identity threats do not discriminate based on business size or industry. And yet as many as 60% of businesses don’t use a professional service to destroy hard drives that contain confidential information.

We destroy all types of electronic media:

  • Magnetic hard drives
  • Solid-state hard drives
  • Computer tape and floppy disks
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray
  • Thumb drives
  • Flash drives and RAM

Secure and Safe Destruction Services

You can find cost-effective solution e-waste management with Escort Cyber Forensics. As an industry leader in electronics and appliance recycling and secure data destruction. You can be confident in the partner. You chose to protect your electronic identity. Escort Cyber Forensics is a leader in full-service electronics recycling. We use the latest technology and techniques for safely destroying your Business Data. Secure Hard Drive destruction and Kill Disk Hard Drive Erasure are the most compliant forms of Corporate Data Destruction. Hard Drive destruction is the process of the act of physically pulverizing and mangling media and Hard Drive/SSD/Data Destruction into unreadable pieces.

Why Shared Digital Media?

Data destruction is an essential step in keeping your personal and important information safe. We complying with data privacy laws and reducing liability associated with a data breach is a function of chain-of-custody and proof.  Our on-site and off-site hard drive destruction allows for an unbroken chain-of-custody complete with witnessed and verifiable proof of secure data destruction. We understand the importance of protecting your business through complete, secure hard-data removal.