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Escort Cyber Forensics Data Recovery provides data recovery services to business enterprises as well as individuals who have lost their important data by accident or by mistake. No need to panic anymore as we have the best data recovery tools to retrieve your data. The database is critical to business for increasing sales therefore the database must be safeguarded against loss without any compromise. We have a strong expert base who are dedicated to the cause of retrieving your missing data. Escort Cyber Forensics has been serving customers in recovering data with a very high success rate.

Escort Cyber Forensics has been a pioneer in the field since the last 5 years we strongly believe in critically analyzing the problem on a case by case basis and following a methodical approach to provide a solution as quickly as possible. The technology we use is well ahead of the times and not to mention our commitment to quality and detail to produce the best results.


  • Free diagnostics
  • No data  – No charge
  • avast inventory of hard drives for use as parts for the quickest recovery
  • Average of 98% recovery success
  • class 100 clean-room facility provides the environment for successful data recovery
  • All recovered data presented for review before acceptance
  • 100% data confidentiality.
  • Full support before and after your recovery procedures
  • Worldwide service partner/ reseller/ referrer/ affiliate programs available

All data loss scenarios:

We handle all type of data loss situations from simple to the most sophisticated ones, including hardware failure, system crash, RAID controller failure, intermittent drive failure in RAID, power surge, natural disaster, head crash, bad sectors, disk controller failure, mechanical failure, operating system malfunction disk corruption, accidental drop down, accidental formatting, file system corruption, firmware corruption, and user mistakes.

  • Boot Failure
  • Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Zero Track Bad
  • Virus Infected Hard Disk
  • Sector Not Found
  • Invalid Drive specification
  • Invalid Media Type
  • Data Error Reading Drives
  • Formatted partition Table
  • General Failure Reading Drives
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Mishandling of the removable drive due to shock or dropping

Simple & Safe to recover all lost data from different-2 digital media and platform

Forensic data recovery is the extraction of data from damaged evidence sources in a forensically sound manner. Data recovery is the process of retrieving or restoring data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it can’t be accessed normally. This method of recovering data means that any evidence resulting from it can later be relied on in a court of law.

When Is Data Recovery Possible?

If you’ve lost files due to a hard drive failure, accidental overwrite, fire, or for any other reason, professional data recovery engineers can often help. The chances of recovery will vary depending on the extent of damage (where applicable), the length of time since the original event, the device’s hardware, and several other factors.

To improve the chances of a successful recovery, immediately disconnect the power to any device as soon as data loss occurs. Do not run software on the device in an attempt to restore the data, as this will often cause additional issues by overwriting the files.

Do not attempt to physically repair hard drives or other media. Immediately contact our engineers to discuss a recovery plan. We can assess the chances of a successful recovery and guide you through the steps you can take to recover your data safely and effectively, and in some cases, we can offer remote options to return your files within hours.