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Escort cyber forensics is a Cyber/ Digital Forensic Company headquarter at Haryana (India), Serving clients globally complying with international Standards of Digital Forensics. We have fully dedicated and talented team of cyber forensic experts to provide best services on time. We are a leading technology equipped Cyber Intelligence Company Partnering with world-renowned digital Forensic products manufacturers across the Globe. Escort Cyber Forensics helps customers in Government, Law Enforcement, and Enterprises to identify, prevent, Internet, detect, resolve and protect from threats, crimes, breaches & frauds arising due to misuse of digital & communication devices, applications, technologies.


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  •  Never disclose your account details to anyone or any personal data to someone on the internet or on the phone:
     Never send credit/debit card details on any untrusted site:
     Protect your Wi-Fi:
     Avoid opening links of lotteries, prizes, gifts, discounts
     While using third party computers or mobiles for browsing use the private/incognito mode
     Ensure the URL of the site contains HTTPS instead of HTTP
     Beware of lottery scams! Please don't entertain any lottery related phone
     Beware of fraud calls asking for Debit/Credit Card Details. Banks never ask for the same.
     Don’t click on attachments

💾 Data Recovery Process :

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Escort cyber forensic is firm which is an investigative and analytical firm in market.
Escort cyber forensic firm deals with cyber and computer forensic it also includes other forensic solution.