Forensic analysis

The Escort Cyber forensics professionals use state-of-the-art methods and software to collect, process, and deliver the relevant electronic information.

Forensic analysis is a term for an in-depth analysis, investigation whose purpose is to objectively identify and document the culprits, reasons, course, and consequences of a security incident or violation of state laws or rules of the organization. Forensic analysis investigates an offense or crimeshows who, how, and when something caused.

A range of analytical tools and techniques are employed in the discovery of evidence or examination of materials relevant to the investigation of crimes or other legal proceedings.

Our experts have case tested methods that have proven Escort Cyber Forensics’ ability to discover as much evidence as possible for our clients.

Escort Cyber Forensics Experts in performing time-based analysis of electronically stored Metadata. Our experience evaluating and analyzing time-based metadata enables us to quickly correlate disparate information to find notable dates and times of interest relating to spoliation, misappropriation, and other irregular computer usage and activities.

Forensic analysis is performed either by internal investigators or organizations outsource to a specialized company that performs a comprehensive analysis or forensic audit. An audit is more intensive even though in practice the difference between the two terms is very small.

Using a blend of experience, understanding, and innovative tools and software, our analysts will carry out the search, recovery, and analysis of all data stored on the device, including any that may be hidden in unallocated clusters where the user has tried to delete the file.

Throughout this process, we maintain chronological chain-of-custody documentation showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of evidence, whether physical or electronic.

Excellent communication is a determining factor in successful computer forensic work and the Escort Cyber Forensics Professionals regular and frequent status reports ensure that the focus and value of your project are maintained. Our highly-skilled and experienced team performs a range of services including:

  • Electronic evidence collection and preservation
  • Live acquisitions including a collection of volatile data
  • Secure storage and review
  • Forensic evidence handling
  • Forensic analysis and reporting
  • Deletion wiping and deleted file recovery
  • Metadata review
  • User and email file analysis
  • Intellectual property theft analysis
  • Activity timeline records
  • Cryptanalysis and steganalysis

Forensic Analysis Tools are really necessary to carry out digital forensic investigations due to the large volume of evidence. A few court-approved software are mentioned below:

  1. CyberCheck Suite
  2. Mac Forensics
  3. OnlineDFS
  4. Belkasoft Forensic Tools
  5. Forensic Tool Kit
  6. Encase Forensic

Why choose our services

Computer forensic services from ESCORT CYBER FORENSICS SERVICES are expert, effective, affordable and designed to capture maximum computer forensic evidence with the minimum of delay and disruption.

Custom Security Protocols to Protect Data Integrity

Escort Cyber Forensics will customize a program to meet the security level you require.

  • We offer the highest possible security
  • Recovered data is imaged using court-validated industry standards for documenting evidence
  • Chain of custody protocols can be provided for full data protection from receipt to return