Penetration Testing (PT)

ESCORT CYBER FORENSICS give LPT (Masters) – Licensed Penetration Tester course you’ll pick up information on capable security and infiltration testing aptitudes. The course is unequivocally intended to reflect advanced suspicions like filtering against securities, turning between systems, situating intermediary chains, and utilizing web shells. You’ll have the option to join Penetration Testing Training. Course web based instructional class likewise and study hall instructional class too. You might want to have essential data about PC to attempt to this course. EC-Council brings a couple of wide choice of genuine hindrances which won’t just prepared to test your Pen-testing abilities yet guarantee you and information and aptitude that is not worked for the weak people. In case you’re keen on this course, you’ll select with us. This main point and target of offering this courseware is to prepare you for settling a few multifaceted issues. In the genuine feeling of the term, a genuine infiltration analyzer takes care of true issues and plays out a wide assortment of undertakings until it turns into a fruitful nature. This is the center supporting of the program. This Course has different stages which is significant for every individual possibility to know the need for moral hacking, Some Basics of Penetration Testing Process and Countermeasures to help them see increasingly about vulnerabilities.


The Most Advanced Penetration Testing Range

         Creating an Advanced Penetration Tester

         Ensuring proficient security testing over the world

         Offering a thorough arrangement of genuine pen testing aptitudes

         Facilitating learning and appearance of present assault vectors, pen testing philosophy and devices

         Ensuring fresh reasoning and customization of contents and adventures

         Familiarizing with different ideas and abilities and to set you up for the possible difficulties of the LPT (Master) run

         Providing proficient level abilities to recognize the objectives’ assault surface inside an essential time span

         Familiarizing with a domain which incorporates safeguards and difficulties to survive

         Inculcating a genuine information on how the venture arrange condition is to be assaulted, misused, sidestepped, and shielded

 Program Highlights

  • ECF Demonstrate a repeatable and quantifiable way to deal with entrance testing
  • Get access to exclusive EC-Council entrance testing approachs
  • Write abuse codes to access a defenseless framework or application
  • Exploit vulnerabilities in Operating frameworks, for example, Windows, Linux
  • Perform benefit heightening to pick up root access to a framework
  • Submit an expert and industry acknowledged report that accomplishes the board and specialized purchase in
  • Perform propelled methods and assaults to recognize SQL infusion, Cross website scripting (XSS), LFI, RFI vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Ensure the honesty and estimation of the infiltration testing accreditation, in a completely on the web, remotely administered affirmation test

Purpose of penetration testing

The essential objective of a pen test is to distinguish shaky areas in an association’s security pose, just as measure the consistence of its security strategy, test the staff’s attention to security issues and decide if — and how — the association would be dependent upon security debacles. The reports produced by an infiltration test give the input expected to an association to organize the speculations it intends to make in its security. An infiltration test can likewise feature shortcomings in an organization’s security arrangements. For example, albeit a security strategy centers around forestalling and distinguishing an assault on a venture’s frameworks, that approach may exclude a procedure to remove a programmer. These reports can likewise help application designers make increasingly secure applications. In the event that engineers see how programmers broke into the applications they created, the expectation is to rouse designers to improve their training around security so they won’t make the equivalent or comparable blunders later on.

Who Should Do?

B.Tech, M.Tech, PHD Researchers, Other Professional Researchers.

Penetration Testing (PT) Programme Modules

Module 01: How to Plan Your Penetration Testing

Module 02: Scoping Your Penetration Testing

Module 03: Network and Web Application

Module 04: Post Exploitation

Module 05: In Depth Password Attacks

Module 06: Web Application Penetration Testing

Module 07: Penetration Test Reporting




Candidates clearing exam with more than 70% marks will be awarded with EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council.



Each candidate will get access to online portal for toolkit containing tools used during the training and other supporting software.



Candidates will be provided with a  Information Security E-Books on portal containing tutorials of the contents of the training.



As a leader in Cyber Security CyberCure provides real-world impact and work experience to candidates through internship programs.

Why Escort Cyber Forensics

Escort Cyber Forensics provides the Best Ethical Hacking Training. Here we have an environment exactly like the actual one where they will be taught how to perform information gathering, scanning, getting access i.e. hacking, maintaining access, clearing tracks as well as how to secure their own networks. We have intensive lab environment where the student will gain practical knowledge with reference to the current security attacks and threats scenarios well-built simulated lab where the students can perform the practical under the supervision of experienced trainers who are working in the cybersecurity domains. The whole concept is to provide practical knowledge along with concept clearing in Cyber Security which is useful from career perspective in the organisation as well as for the security enthusiasts, entrepreneur. At the end of training students will have a good understanding and hands on experience in IT Security.

Practical Sessions

Our Training is based on 70% of practical and Hands on Sessions and 30% of theory.

Limited Batch Size

Our Batch size varies between 5-15 Candidates, Every candidate gets personal attention from trainers.

Trainers from Industry

All the trainers are industry specialists and highly qualified along with all the relevant certifications

Online Batches

We also offer online batches for the students who cannot come to our trainer Centers, This allow candidate to attend training from their location

Renowned Certfications

We offer online exam on our specially designed smart Exam portal, that assess the candidate for knowledge and skills, and then we certify them as Certified Ethical Hacker.

Guaranteed Placement

We have 100% Placement Record, We train Candidates with such a skill, that they are Industry ready for information Security.

Programs Available


Classes: Weekdays

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs (20 Days)

Class Duration: 2 hours/day


Classes: Weekend(Saturday & Sunday)

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs ( 4 Weekends)

Class Duration: 4 hours/day


Classes: Weekdays

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs (5 Days)

Class Duration: 8 hours/day