Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v10



Computerized innovations are changing the essence of business. As associations quickly grasping advanced innovations like cloud, versatile, huge information and IOT, the setting of computerized legal sciences is more applicable than previously. The developing number of cybercrime has changed the job of crime scene investigation from DNA to Digital.

Do you think following exploring and securing cybercriminals appears to be a pleasant day at work? At the point when you really need to decide our Escort Cyber Forensics CHFI affirmation that is PC hacking crime scene investigation agent and it’s a course intended to outfit security experts with the abilities of distinguishing interloper’s impressions and appropriately assembling the predetermined proof to indict inside the courtroom.

CHFI v10 covers point by point methodological way to deal with PC measurable and proof examination. It gives the necessary range of abilities to distinguishing proof of interloper’s impressions and Gathering fundamental proof for its arraignment. Every significant apparatus and speculations utilized by digital scientific industry are secured inside the educational program. The confirmation can sustain the applied information level of requirement staff, framework executives, security officials, resistance and military faculty, legitimate experts, financiers, PC and system security experts, and any individual who thinks about the uprightness of the system and computerized examinations. CHFI gives vital aptitudes to perform viable advanced criminological examination

Eligibility Criteria for CHFI Certification

An individual having great information on IT Security and Networks with at any rate 2 years of experience. Some information about advanced security is add-on advantage before endeavoring to learn CHFI ideas and do the confirmation in CHFI. The qualification additionally incorporates great information on OS, Networking, Servers, and Security conventions and so on.

Who Should Attend?

CHFI v10 Program guarantees people in the particular security control of PC criminology from a seller nonpartisan point of view.

The CHFI affirmation will invigorate the application information on law implementation work force, framework executives, security officials, safeguard and military staff, lawful experts, brokers, security experts, and any individual who is worried about the honesty of the system foundation.

CHFI Training Programme Modules

Module 01: What is Computer Forensics

Module 02: Method by which Computer gets Hacked

e Module 03: Computer Forensics investigation Process

Module 04: Digital Evidence Gathering

Module 05: Computer Forensics Lab

Module 06: Setting up Forensics Lab

Module 07: Understanding Hard Disk

Module 08: File System Analysis Linux/Window

Module 09: Window Filesystem Forensics

Module 10: Data Acquisition Tools & Techniques

Module 11: Data Imaging Technique & Tool

Module 12: Recovering Deleted Files & Folders

Module 13: Deleted Partition Recovery Technique

Module 14: Forensics Investigation Using FTK

Module 15: Forensics Investigation Using Oxygen

Module 16: Forensic Investigation Encase Tool

Module 17: Stenography & Image Fill Direction

Module 18: Application Password Crackers

Module 19: Log Capturing & Event Correlation

Module 20: Mobile Forensics Tools & Techniques

Module 21: Mobile Forensics Tools Cellebrite Tool

Module 22: Investigation Logs

Module 23: Investigation Network Traffic Wireshark

Module 24: Investigation Wireshark Attack

Module 25: Investigation Web Application Attack via Logs

Module 26: Tracking & Investigation Various Email Crimes

Module 27: Detailed Investigation Rep




Candidates clearing exam with more than 70% marks will be awarded with EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council.



Each candidate will get access to online portal for toolkit containing tools used during the training and other supporting software.



Candidates will be provided with a  Information Security E-Books on portal containing tutorials of the contents of the training.



As a leader in Cyber Security CyberCure provides real-world impact and work experience to candidates through internship programs.

Why Escort Cyber Forensics

Escort Cyber Forensics provides the Best Ethical Hacking Training. Here we have an environment exactly like the actual one where they will be taught how to perform information gathering, scanning, getting access i.e. hacking, maintaining access, clearing tracks as well as how to secure their own networks. We have intensive lab environment where the student will gain practical knowledge with reference to the current security attacks and threats scenarios well-built simulated lab where the students can perform the practical under the supervision of experienced trainers who are working in the cybersecurity domains. The whole concept is to provide practical knowledge along with concept clearing in Cyber Security which is useful from career perspective in the organisation as well as for the security enthusiasts, entrepreneur. At the end of training students will have a good understanding and hands on experience in IT Security.

Practical Sessions

Our Training is based on 70% of practical and Hands on Sessions and 30% of theory.

Limited Batch Size

Our Batch size varies between 5-15 Candidates, Every candidate gets personal attention from trainers.

Trainers from Industry

All the trainers are industry specialists and highly qualified along with all the relevant certifications

Online Batches

We also offer online batches for the students who cannot come to our trainer Centers, This allow candidate to attend training from their location

Renowned Certfications

We offer online exam on our specially designed smart Exam portal, that assess the candidate for knowledge and skills, and then we certify them as Certified Ethical Hacker.

Guaranteed Placement

We have 100% Placement Record, We train Candidates with such a skill, that they are Industry ready for information Security.

Programs Available


Classes: Weekdays

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs (20 Days)

Class Duration: 2 hours/day


Classes: Weekend(Saturday & Sunday)

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs ( 4 Weekends)

Class Duration: 4 hours/day


Classes: Weekdays

New Batch: Every Week

Duration: 40 hrs (5 Days)

Class Duration: 8 hours/day