Password Recovery Service :

Password recovery Service is the process of identifying a lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible password, allowing for the successful decryption of key files. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses for the password. This can be a crucial service to consider when you’ve lost important databases, spreadsheets, documents, and other files due to encryption.

Standing on strong pillars of honesty and integrity, our enterprise renders remarkable services for Password Recovery to our customers. For the convenience of our clients, we are rendering diverse Password Recovery Service encompassing HDD Password Recovery, Bios, Password Recovery, Window Password Recovery, MS Office Password Recovery, Mail Password Recovery and many more.

Our Experts reset the BIOS password using a couple of different techniques. By using the latest mail password recovery tools, our professionals safely recover passwords, user names of the email accounts.

As a leader in cryptography solutions, offers experienced password recovery for all types of computer systems. Within days, we can restore missing passwords or decrypt files completely, returning mission-critical systems to their original state.

Passware Kit key features:

  • All-in-one password recovery for 200+ file types
  • Extracts passwords from Windows/Unix/Mac hashes
  • Extracts passwords from registry files and SAM
  • Recovers passwords for iTunes Backup files
  • Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators
  • Instant online decryption of Word/Excel files up to version 2003
  • Basic password recovery attacks: Dictionary, Xieve, Brute-force, Known Password/Part, Previous Passwords
  • Instant decryption of Word/Excel files version 2007-2010 (live memory analysis)
  • Extracts passwords from encrypted Mac keychain files
  • Supports Distributed Password Recovery and Amazon Compute Cloud

Password Recovery Service Under the Following Circumstances

  • Forget the original passwords
  • Corruption of original keys due to system crashes
  • Lost the keys due to refreshing of operating system
  • Unknown password lock after employees left the company
  • Computer forensic services to access password protected objects
  • The Escort Cyber Forensics can assist if you need to access some of the password-protected data.
  • File system or data media

We Leverage the following tools to recover data and passwords

  • Encase Forensic Tool
  • XRY Ecosystem of Mobile Forensic Tool
  • IEF Forensic Tool
  • Passware Forensic Tool