There are several XRY packages.

  • XRY Logical
    Arguably the most well-known and trusted package is XRY Logical. The software analyzes and retrieves the current (live) data from the device as you would yourself, screen by screen, only much faster.
  • Physical XRY
    XRY Physical goes beyond XRY Logical. By bypassing the operating system all the “raw data” is outdated from the mobile device. Thereafter, this data is decoded. In this way also deleted data will be found.
  • XRY Complete
    a combination of XRY Logical and XRY Physical. This package allows you to retrieve and analyze all available data from a mobile device. In this way, the results of both methods can be compared.
  • XRY Field Version
    the XRY Field version is a complete solution for mobile units such as peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and for investigators who carry out the on-site investigation.
  • XRY Pinpoint

XRY Pinpoint is an advanced compact hardware and powerful software that enables users to extract and decode data from non-standard mobile devices. PinPoint is able to automatically detect the pin-out configuration, in order to communicate with the mobile device.

It is the latest addition to Micro Systemation’s suite of forensic tools which can be installed on any computer running XRY. XRY Pinpoint is released in conjunction with version 6.12 of XRY. It runs on a separate license and requires the user to have an XRY Physical or an XRY Complete license.

  • XRY Kiosk

The Kiosk offers support for the logical extraction of mobile devices through cable and Bluetooth. Users perform extractions in the same Wizard that is used in XRY, but in an easy to use touch-based interface. Extracted data can be overviewed and explored in a viewer. The extraction creates an XRY-file, always containing all extracted data from the device. By exporting the XRY-file (the Kiosk has USB and CD/DVD capability) it can be further investigated in the tools XRY or XAMN.

  • XRY Tablet

With a touch screen interface, the XRY Tablet is designed to quickly and easily recover data from mobile devices. The Tablet allows you to plug in the mobile device, touch the screen and extract the data within minutes. With its ease of use, the Tablet provides first responders with real-time evidence and intelligence gathering capability in the most flexible form factor to date. The Tablet can be tailored to organization workflows and configured for different levels of forensic ability to minimize the training requirements. The XRY Tablet offers a complete integrated software and hardware solution with support for the extraction of mobile devices. It is the latest addition to MSAB’s suite of mobile forensic tools which support our customers at all levels.

Features : 

  • Almost 25,000 device profiles supported, now including drones
  • Over 3000 new passcode and bypass options
  • Image recognition engine, which classifies images into categories such as drugs, weapons and people
  • Filter by location to find data within a selected geo-range
  • Berla’siVe-software generates native XRY file formats
  • Support for GrayKey extractions of iPhones
  • The best available support on the market for Chinese Chipsets like MTK, Spreadtrum, Coolsand& Infineon
  • Secure Windows Certified drivers to help prevent malware transmission
  • Deleted data from iCloud Backups
  • Video thumbnail decoding for presentation in XAMN
  • Includes Android exploits for bypassing security locks
  • Improved support for the latest smartphones, including for latest iOS v11.3.1 and lots of new Android devices
  • Over 2,109 apps supported including all the major messaging platforms