The PhistonMediaVise HDD Destroyer (MV-HDD)

Product Features:

  • The MV-HDD utilizes Phiston’s proprietary MediaVise hydraulic crushing platform fitted with a pair of patented corrugated interlocking crushing plates.
  • The crusher delivers 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of destructive forces to mangle and destroy the HDD’s magnetic data storage platters, controller and read heads in less than 30 seconds (see photos below).
  • Built-in Worker and Environmental Health and Safety features:
  • Fully automated, a hands-off operation for user safety
  • Debris accumulates in a collection bin until safely disposed of
  • HEPA Filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the crushing and shattering of circuit boards, electronic components and silicon-based memory chips
  • RFI and EMI Suppression to minimize interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity
  • Noise suppression to 65db which is much quieter than the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for workplace

Key Benefits:

  • Commercial capacity machine, yet portable, versatile and safe for deployment on a truck, or in an office or data center
  • Media destruction can be performed in-house so media never leaves your custody intact, or entrusted to a contractor
  • Simple, user-friendly, automated operation.
  • No special adapters needed for power or for crushing various media
  • Crushing plates never need to be sharpened or replaced