PTK Forensic


  • -Indexing
  • -Efficient File Analysis
  • -Dynamic Timeline
  • -File Categorization
  • -Image Gallery
  • -Indexing Keyword Search
  • -Personal Bookmark Section
  • -The case features shared by Multiple investigators and case lock

Other features:

  • -Easier to use, PTK is based on Ajax.
  • -PTK is a dynamic web application with a centralized -database. More investigators can work on the same case at the same time.
  • -Possibility to analyze the Memory Dump.
  • -Can be extended through other open-source tools.
  • -A log of all operations performed by the investigators is kept.
  • -Preliminary tests haven’t evinced problems.
  • -Many browsers are supported.
  • -PTK is a forensic analysis interface; in fact, PTK does not address incident response issues.
  • -Its main aim is to help small groups of investigators execute complex consultancy quickly and efficiently.