Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)


  • Social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter
  • Webmail applications like Gmail and Hotmail/
    Instant messenger & chat applications like GoogleTalk and iChat
  • P2P File Sharing Applications like Ares and eMule
  • Cloud-Based Services like Dropbox and Flickr
  • Web browser activity from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and others
  • Refined browsing results like rebuilt webpages and Google Maps queries
  • Pictures and videos with EXIF data
  • Web video recovery from applications like Chatroulette and YapChat
  • Mobile Backups from iOS smartphones
  • Usenet files from applications like Xnews and Grabit
  • Mapping queries from Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Powerful search capabilities

  • Enables data insight derived from, inter alia, social network communications, instant messaging, cloud-based applications, P2P apps, backup files, webmail, web browser history, photos and videos
  • Recovers deleted data from the unallocated space and RAM through new carving techniques
  • Searches logical or physical disk volumes
  • Searches individual files and directories
  • Ability to search multiple files or data media simultaneously

Fast results

  • ‘Quick Search’ results are visible immediately
  • View the results in real-time while the search continues
  • Search for specific data based on type, keyword and location
  • Refine your search results based on skin tones
  • Very fast searching strokes through multi-threading and multi-core support

Clear reports

  • IEF rebuilds web pages in their original format on the date they were opened
  • IEF shows the search as entered by the user
  • IEF provides relevant information for each category
  • Search, filter and bookmarking of important evidence
  • Export report in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV and tab-delimited format
  • Share reports with other detectives with the ‘portable case folder’
  • View the results in a graphical interface with timeline

Ensuring integrity

  • The original (meta) data is not changed
  • All findings can be verified
  • Very convincingly in court

Easy in use

  • IEF searches with one search action for 230 internet artifacts
  • No need to use multiple scripts
  • Easy installation; start working in a case immediately
  • No extensive training required


  • See evidence in a chronological timeline with IEF Timeline
  • Zoom in on webmail, chat or browser history over a specific period of time
  • Support for external applications
  • Shows events on maps