Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)

Why You Want It

Zero in on relevant evidence quickly, conduct faster searches and dramatically increase analysis speed with FTK®, the purpose-built solution that interoperates with mobile devices and e-discovery technology. Powerful and proven, FTK processes and indexes data upfront, eliminating wasted time waiting for searches to execute. No matter how many different data sources you’re dealing with or the amount of data you have to cull through, FTK gets you there quicker and better than anything else.

Features Built Around You

Integrated Digital Investigation Solutions

Create images, process a wide range of data types from many sources from hard drive data to mobile devices, network data and Internet storage in a centralized location. Decrypt files, crack passwords, and build a report all with a single solution.

  • Recover passwords from over 100+ applications
  • KFF hash library with 45 million hashes
  • Advanced, automated analysis without the scripting

Unique FTK® Architecture & Stability

FTK is database driven so you won’t experience the lost work associated with memory-based tools in the event of a GUI crash. FTK components are compartmentalized allowing the processing workers to continue processing data without interruption.

Unmatched Processing Capabilities

  • Distributed processing with a total of 4 engines
  • True multi-threaded / multi-core support
  • Wizard-driven processing ensures no data is missed
  • Pre- and post-processing refinement
  • Advanced data carving engine allows you to specify criteria, such as file size, data type and pixel size to reduce the amount of irrelevant data carved while increasing overall thoroughness
  • Create, import and export reusable processing profiles with pre-defined processing options for different investigative needs

Key Product Features

FTK provides real-world features that help teams make sense of and manage massive data sets, separate critical data from trivial details, and protect digital information while complying with regulations.

  • Unmatched speed through distributed processing engines
  • Unique architecture provides better stability
  • Wizard-driven to ensure no data is missed
  • State-of-the-art data visualization to highlight relationships and patterns
  • The only solution that utilizes a single case database, reducing the cost and complexity of multiple case datasets
  • Faster learning with easy-to-use GUI


  • Integrated Computer Forensic Solution.
  • Unmatched Processing.
  • Handle massive data sets without crashing or losing work.
  • Feature-rich out of the box.
  • Fast, Comprehensive index and Binary searching.
  • File and Disk Encryption Support.
  • Advanced gallery view for images and video with eid.
  • Superior Email Analysis.
  • Single-Node enterprise (Remote Investigation).
  • Volatile and Memory Analytics.
  • Internet Artifact Analysis.