CyberCheck Suite

Data Recovery & Analysis Tool

CyberCheck is a forensic data recovery and analysis tool to enable Law Enforcement Officers to quickly and efficiently analyze digital evidence files. The tool has a very simple to use GUI which can be used by novice users.

Data Analysis

CyberCheck can analyseTrueBack Images, EnCase Images, Raw disk images, virtual disk images and RAM dumps. The tool can generate a detailed report on the analysis findings, which is very handy for the investigating officers to submit before a court of law. The tool can extract unallocated and disk slack areas, perform data carving on slack areas and provides options to do analysis based on file hashes and file’s signature.

Powerful Search Facility

CyberCheck provides a plethora of search options for the investigating officer to ensure that he never misses any data. It has multiple keyword searches, GREP search, file search based on hash values, Unicode search to find data in any language and Index-based search to quickly search through the huge data space.

Forensic Data Carving Tool

A Forensic data carving tool to carve different files with an optimized search engine for identifying files based on headers and footers. The tool can generate a report on the carved files which is very handy while producing the evidence before the court of law.

Main Features:

  • Cost-effective Cyber Forensics solution
  • All features for analysis of digital evidence
  • Available on Windows 2000/XP platforms
  • Unicode and Indian Language support
  • Recovers data from deleted files, re-formatted or re-partitioned storage media
  • Recovers data from unallocated clusters, lost clusters, file/partition/disk/MBR slack, swap files
  • Supports FAT12/16/32, NTFS, EXT2FS, EXT3FS, UFS
  • Multiple keywords and GREP search
  • Time-line analysis of normal, deleted and signature mismatched files
  • Mailbox, Registry and Internet History viewers
  • Bookmarking on selected data, files and folders
  • Facility to restore an image to physical media
  • Disk Imaging facility with compression for any media
  • Preview support for disks and partitions
  • File Data Carving from ambient space
  • Picture, Gallery, Timeline and Text/Hex views
  • Integrated Mailbox, Internet History and Registry viewers
  • Scripting support for automated analysis
  • Anti-forensics tools and activities detections
  • Steganography file detection and extraction of hidden messages
  • Unicode and Indian Language support
  • Report generation