Tableau TD3 Forensic Imager :

The Tableau TD3 is a powerful and intuitive modular forensic imaging system that uses a touchscreen graphical user interface. The TD3 provides many of the functions traditionally found in general-purpose, IT-oriented hard disk duplicators while also providing features and functions that serve specialized needs of the digital computer forensic industry, including:


  • Sustained data transfer rates of up to 7.2 GB/minute, while performing calculations of MD5 and SHA-1 hash values, also known as fingerprints.
  • Native support for SATA, USB 3.0 and FireWire hard disks from the source interface.
  • Additional support for SAS and IDE hard disks using expansion modules.
  • Native support for connecting to network storage CIFS and iSCSI shares.
  • Network-based read only (write blocked) access to attached storage media.
  • Detailed log generation for case documentation.
  • Automatic blank checking of source and destination drives.
  • HPA and DCO support for the detection and handling of hidden/protected data areas on source drives.
  • Remote web based user interface.

The TD3 was designed as a flexible modular imaging system. As shown above, the TD3 can stand alone and interface with SATA, USB 3.0, and FireWire source disks, a SATA destination disk, and network shares. You can also easily combine the TD3 with an Expansion Module and a TDS1 or TDS2 SATA Storage Module for additional capability. The TD3 is shown below connected directly to one of the Expansion Modules and the TDS2 SATA Storage Module.

Standard operations:

  • Disk-to-disk (clone) duplication
  • Disk-to-file (image) duplication using raw DD, .e01, .ex01, or .dmg formats
  • Format
  • Wipe
  • Hash (simultaneous MD5 and SHA-1)
  • HPA/DCO detection and removal
  • Blank Disk Check

Standalone or Comprehensively Kitted

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Which Usage Mode Do You Need? 

TD3 provides the usage mode flexibility that is required by forensic professionals today. Check out the various ways that TD3 can be adapted to your forensic process by clicking on any of the tabs below:

  1. Imaging to local hard drives
  2. Imaging to network share
  3. Imaging Apple Macs in target disk mode
  4. Network based write blocking